We have the credentials to work in the public sector and certified skills to meet the needs of each industrial and civil sector for the design, construction, installation and maintenance of energy and technological systems.

Graded has been operating for over 50 years in the market of design, construction, installation and maintenance of technological systems; also it has dealt about management, design and construction for over 10 years (global service and facility management). Now Graded is involved in the production of energy from renewable sources such as PV, solar and termal energy production with particular attention to the solar ones, energy sales service and management of energy incentives. Since 2005 we have been ESCO (energy services company) accredited by the National Authority for Electricity, and we are active in the production of Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), Green certificates and CO2 Emissions quotas. From 2019, Graded is a partner of IRENA Coalition for Action, one of the big organization for renewable energies in order to save planet.

Every activity and excellence of our company is certified by certified entity according to the current legislation and law to ensure our customers quality and transparency.


Since 2005 we are an ESCO accredited company. Graded offers integrated energy services with a single contact and allows you to obtain Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) both for repetitive energy saving interventions and for final proposals.

D.M 37/08

Enabling for D.M. 37/2008 art. 1 letter a), b), c), d), e), f) e g), concerning the declarations of plants conformity and disposition about plants installation inside buildings.