• The “Coppaflora” returns to Naples – Thanks to an important act of patronage favored by Art Bonus, Graded and four other Neapolitan companies (Epm, G&G, Tecno Industrial Group and Protom) have brought back to Naples a prestigious work of the sculptor Vincenzo Gemito. It is the “Coppaflora” that became part of the collections of the Museum of Capodimonte after being purchased by a London Gallery.

Cultural Heritage

  • Civitas Award 2018 : In synergy with the Municipality of Pozzuoli and the Supervision for the Archaeological Heritage of Naples Graded, it has installed over 150 LED sources that can be managed remotely over the time of Serapide, which have allowed us to highlight the most suggestive parts of the Macellum.
  • XXI Century Patrons Award of 2018: With the “Revelations” project Graded receives, together with eight other companies donors of the ELITE project, the XXI Century Patrons Award for having financed the restoration of a masterpiece of the Neapolitan museum which will be returned to full use by part of the audience.

School and Training

  • EXPO 2015 Awardfor the program “Studying the business, the business of studying”: With the technical institute Augusto Righi of Naples, Graded has designed a sustainable farm, a project presented at EXPO 2015 in Milan.
  • ITS Energy LAB: Graded, together with other partners, has committed itself as a partner of the two-year course “Technician for the management of energy carriers” which aims to train students of the Lucarelli industrial technical institute of Benevento to be introduced into the company.

Territory and Environmental Impact

  • United Nations Global Compact: Promote the awareness and action of companies in support of sustainability: Graded joins the United Nations Global Compact, an international organization that brings together more than 18 thousand firms from over 160 countries around the world, 388 from Italy.
  • IRENA – COALITION FOR ACTION:Graded becomes part of the Coalition for action program of IRENA, an international network created in 2014 by the Renewable Energy Agency which today has 96 components among companies, universities, inter-organizational bodies with the aim of identifying and implement strategic initiatives in the field of renewable energy.
  • Health Atelier Project: Electric Mobility, a charging station in the Polyclinic of Naples for the health atelier installed by Graded on the occasion of the event organized for the second consecutive year by the Polyclinic and the School of Medicine and Surgery with the aim of share concrete proposals and reproducible “good practices” aimed at promoting the adoption of healthy and sustainable lifestyles in the Campania population.
  • “Green Care Award. In search of lost greenery “: Graded, together with other companies from Campania, is one of the supporters of the green care award which intends to recognize and underline the value of those engaged in the care, creation, protection and / or enhancement of green areas in urban spaces, presences that increase the quality of life and the psycho-physical well-being of citizens.
  • Hybrid car fleet: The program to replace the company car fleet is underway, adding hybrid and low environmental impact and CO2 cars for both the company car benefits and the fleet.

Graded gains a prominent position in the list of Sustainability Leaders 202, a special ranking developed by Sole 24 Ore and Statist, for solidity, transparency and governance. In particular, the company is placed in the top positions in Italy for economic sustainability, along with the national big crowds.