Our Company

For more than 60 years we have been creating customized solutions for efficient and clean energy, always looking to the future.

Therefore, efficiency in each plant means producing profitable solutions for the customer’s energy needs in harmony with the ecosystem: designing to measure to achieve savings and safety in each building, innovating to build industrial and civil plants capable of preserving generations of tomorrow.

We achieve these objectives thanks to the skills of a team of engineers, surveyors, technicians and highly skilled manpower, to the use of modular solutions designed ad hoc and based on the main energy production systems with high efficiency (cogeneration, trigeneration with gas turbines, microturbines, endothermic engines, photovoltaic systems, biomass), and close research partnerships with the engineering faculties of the most authoritative and prestigious universities.

Expertise, customization and innovation, to get the most out of each system.

Our challenge is to create efficiency and productivity in every single plant.

Energy is a source of life and social and enviromental well-being.

Our energy comes from passion for engineering and the satisfaction of our customers.

Always looking for the future.

Graded is an Energy Saving Company (ESCo) that operates, in Italy and abroad, in the field of design and implementation of integrated energy solutions in the public and private sector in multiple reference markets: Public Administrations (PA), industrial, health and residential.

ESCO accredited since 2005, (enabling Legislative Decree 37/08 att 1 letter a, b, c, d, e, f, g) is able to propose an integrated approach to the energy problem by offering audit, design, installation, monitoring, plant maintenance, always characterized by efficient technologies, cost containment, profitability of investments, compliance with regulations and environmental compatibility.

Being an ESCO company means above all offering energy services capable of intervening on energy efficiency and committing to achievement of pre-established performance targets. For this reason, as an ESCO company, Graded offers the following services to public and industrial customers, hospitals and residential complexes.


We build systems capable of achieving maximum energy efficiency which translates into savings in utility bills.


We create modular and complete plant solutions also in advanced services.


We build systems capable of always reaching the ideal temperature in every season with minimal Co2 emissions.


With Project Financing, we take over the initial investment in collaboration with the main credit institutions.


We design each plant ad hoc to meet every specific customer need.


We always supply systems including the certifications and approvals required by law.