GESAC S.p.a.

Client: GESAC S.p.a.

Site: Naples, Campania

Services / Products: Management of Campani Airport Services

Operating Segment: Energy; Plants; Services

Graded is taking care of the executive design, the execution of the works, the running and maintenance of a technological center comprising, among other things, a trigeneration plant, a thermo-cooling central unit and an electrical transformation cabin serving the aforementioned plant.

Segmenti Operativi

Year: 2020 – 2025

Technology: Trigeneration

Size / Dimensions: 937 KWe cogeneration engine; Recovery boiler 396 kWt; Absorber 705 kWf


Year: 2017 – today

Technology: Electricity production plants, hydronic distribution, medium voltage substation, low voltage transformation, supervision systems

Size / Dimensions:Total cooling thermal capacity 6620 kWf; Thermal power 2720 kWt


Year: 2020– 2025

Technology: Trigeneration plant, 3 evaporative towers, 2 refrigeration units, 1 heat pump, 1 methane boiler, 2 plate exchangers, 36 pumps

Size / Dimensions: Total cooling thermal capacity 6620 kWf; Thermal power 2720 kWt