University Of Salerno

Client: University of Salerno

Site: Fisciano, Campania

Services / Products: University Company

Operating Segment: Energy; Services

Since 2014 Graded has been dealing with Energy Management and maintenance of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical systems serving the universities of Fisciano and Baronissi. In which there are trigeneration, solar cooling and solar thermal systems. Where in 2007 he built the cogeneration plant with endothermic engines of approximately 1 MW (2 × 526 kW).

Segmenti Operativi

Year: 2007

Technology: Trigeneration; Solar Cooling; Solar thermal

Size / Dimensions: Trigeneration 2,58 MWel (2 × 526; 637; 890)

Year: 2014 – today

Technology: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical systems;

Size / Dimensions: Buildings: 27; Surface: 294.000 m^2 approx